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Instructed by the worlds best coaches.

Coaching Education.

Learn from the best to become the best.

Competition Club.

Be part of an elite weightlifting club.

Elite level training for Weightlifters   Premium education for Coaches

Athlete Development - classes and seminars

The coaching and training of athletes to develop the technical and psychological skills and the physical characteristics necessary to succeed at the highest levels of competition.

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Coaching Education - internship and seminars

The training and education of coaches necessary to enable them to develop a wide range of athletes to their competitive potentials in weightlifting and other demanding sports.

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Competition Club

An opportunity to enter weightlifting competition as a member of an elite, dedicated weightlifting club.

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“It’s not the dedication that gets weightlifters to the top.  It’s the addiction to the feeling you get when you succeed.  Getting that feeling again will drive you to do all the things necessary to succeed at the limits of your potential.”


Highest level of coaches in the U.S. under 1 roof

The recent explosion of interest in the sport of weightlifting and the performance of the snatch and clean & jerk has created an unmet demand for more and better training and coaching.  As a longtime weightlifting and strength and conditioning coach, writer and lecturer Bob Takano and Takano Athletics have decided to provide this expertise by opening a unique training facility solely dedicated to the training of serious athletes and the education of coaches.  The Takano Athletics gym will make available for the first time to the general public the training and coaching methods previously available only to a narrow segment of the athletic community.

The coaching experience that led to Bob’s induction into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame as a coach can now be accessed in a dedicated facility that will feature multiple levels of classes, individualized training, and a competitive team program for athletes seeking to fulfill their potential in the performance of the snatch and clean & jerk.

Competitive athletes seeking to enhance their performance levels through expert snatch and clean & jerk training can be coached in a strength and conditioning program that has a history of regularly qualifying athletes for NCAA Division 1 scholarships across a variety of sports.

For those interested in developing their coaching skills an education and internship program found in no other gym in the nation will make its debut at our gym.  Aspiring weightlifting and strength & conditioning coaches will be able to attend regularly scheduled seminars and participate in our unique internship program that will provide hands-on training unique to Takano Athletics.

  • Roger Nielson
    Roger NielsonSr. Coach

    Over forty years experience in Weightlifting as a competitive athlete, coach, local official, national officer, referee and major event staff.  Coached major club to top three National Placings.  Roger was also the Head Coach for numerous teams including World Team 1989,1990,1991,2003 (assistant) 2007, Olympic Team 1992, 2008, Pan American Team 2007, and Junior World Men’s Team 2002-2006.

    • Bob Takano
      Bob TakanoDirector of training

      A longtime leader in the sport of weightlifting, and a five time member of the USA national team to the world championships.  Bob has coached four USA National champions, two National Record Holders, two Pan American Champions and an Olympian.  Over a forty-five year coaching career 35 of Bob’s lifters have qualified for the USA Nationals.

      • Harvey Newton
        Harvey NewtonSr. Coach

        Harvey Newton has dedicated more than 50 years of his life to the sport of weightlifting. He competed for 17 years before taking up duties as USA Weightlifting’s first national coach, which included coaching USA Olympic, Pan American Games, and world championship teams, along with numerous international events. He was USAW’s executive director for seven years and was the first US member of the International Weightlifting Federation’s Scientific and Research Committee.  Later, Newton served as the editor-in-chief of the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal, along with the Director of Program Development. From 1995-99 he was that organization’s executive director.


        We have 10 custom built plattforms along with 1 competition size platform.  American Barbell, DHS, Eleiko bars, bumpers, etc. Jerk boxes, and other accessory equipment are all available for use at our brand new facility which was specifically built for weightlifting only.


        This group is one of the elite collections of experts in the weightlifting/strength training community in the U.S.  They will be assisting in the various aspects of guiding the gym, instruction at extrinsic clinics, content development and athlete input and concerns.  No single group of individuals can provide us with the expertise found amongst this panel of authorities:

        A longtime chair of the USA Weightlifting Sports Medicine Committee and one of the top sports medicine authorities in the nation.  He has provided services on a number of international sports teams and regularly works with top Olympians and professional athletes.  He is the owner of the Institute for Spine and Sports Care.

        Emmy is a member of the Athlete’s Advisory Board of the U.S.O.C., and is the athlete’s representative on the Board of USA Weightlifting.  A silver medalist at the 2007 Pan American Games, and many times silver medalist at the USA Nationals, Emmy is now the coach of Barbarian Barbell.

        Lindsey is both a USA Weightlifting Nationals silver medalist and the runner-up at the 2013 Crossfit Games.  She is one of the top Crossfit athletes in the world and is a former Division 1 volleyball player at Cal Luthern University.  She has also served as strength and conditioning coach for the sports program at Harvard Westlake.

        Bob is currently the Assistant Athletic Director of Strength and Conditoning at North Carolina State University.  He has been a strength and conditioning coach at UC Santa Barbara, UCLA and the Oakland Athletics.  His background includes coaching athletes in 23 sports including two Olympic gold medalists.  During his entire career he has used snatches and clean & jerks to develop his athletes.

        James is the owner of one of the most successful CrossFit gym in the US as well as a long time student of Coach Takano.  He will be serving as the business consultant for the advisory board.

        The 1984 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team Coach, and the first U.S.A. National coach.  Harvey has also been the CEO of both USA Weightlifting and the NSCA.  An internationally recognized weightlifting and strength training authority, Harvey has also been heavily involved in conditioning for cycling and golf. He is the owner of Newton Sports.


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